Close Up Magic, Gambling Magic, Juggling & Fire Performance Photography Copyright © 2016 Tina Pells Dan Turner Member of Nothing Up Our Sleeves

Hot Magic With Dan!

Specialising in casino based and extreme close up magic, Dan has been a full time magician for the past three years. Originally a pastime he resolved to turn his hobby into a profession and traded programming for prestidigitation. He has since performed at events and venues throughout Europe and the US, including Rome and Las Vegas; his repertoire ranging from grand illusionist to prop designer. Proficient in four languages, in 2015 he was employed as a magical advisor for the Italian film “Banda dei Trucci”, and has been approached by a Dutch film company to advise their upcoming production “Een voorspelling”. 

A frequenter of steampunk and burlesque festivals (such as BressSteam and Kentwell Hall’s Scaresville), his talents extend beyond magic to circus skills and martial arts- namely Aikido and Ninjjitsu. He is equally accustomed to large crowds and close up spectators, and has taken part in various charitable events in addition to his professional work.

Copy by Ellie Boland